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The Alpine Armoring Navigator is based on the 2019/20 Lincoln Navigator equipped with a 3.5 liter Ford Ecoboost V-6 generating 450 hp, 10 speed automatic transmission and AWD. She’s appointed with a …

Alpine Armoring Inc. A former car-fleet manager for the Washington, D. With employees of humanitarian agencies, construction contractors and the U. For the style-conscious U. For the discerning warlord, he might suggest a Hummer outfitted with gun ports for a carload of bodyguards. The Iranian-born, American-educated Khoroushi prides himself on the quality of the engineering and craftsmanship that goes into the retrofitting of his commercially available vehicles. In his business, says Khoroushi, only two things really matter: quality and trust.

One vehicle, returned from Afghanistan, had warded off 22 shots from AKs and other high-powered rifle rounds. The bullets hit from all angles, but not one of them penetrated.

But in the end, can it protect lives? Does it have hidden weak spots? He decided to stay. Banks use them to haul cash, police to transfer prisoners and transport SWAT squads, governments for support in riot control, powerful executives and politicians for personal protection. The rise of terrorism across the Muslim world has altered the market for the foreseeable future, putting a premium on an ability to respond quickly to new threats and to apply the latest technology.

While the U. SUVs were the vehicle of choice for a while, says Khoroushi. Then the insurgents figured out that anyone riding an American-made SUV had to be someone worth killing or kidnapping. The ideal vehicle these days, he says, is an old Mercedes that might have been driven by a Baathist Party boss under Saddam Hussein. While styles are fluid, the manufacturing process is well organized.

Alpine Armoring purchases commercial vehicles, and then strips them down at shops in Tennessee and Mississippi. The company stays up to speed on the latest offerings in bullet-resistant glass, Kevlar fiber, Spectra Shield, ceramic plates and reinforced wheels.

Alpine vehicles are certified at every level from A1 to A10, federal grades for bullet protection. A10 is the rating for the U. Alpine routinely adjusts the brakes and suspension, but SUVs, which are top-heavy and prone to roll-overs, pose a special problem. Alpine takes high-speed photos of its vehicles rounding curves at different speeds to see how far they tilt. Given the urgency of the war in Iraq, he feels incredible pressure to deliver vehicles faster to his clients.

One solution which has worked is the armoring of family vehicles. Each company has its own claim to fame. Other industry leaders include Texas Armoring Corp. They carry the same standards, but offer an internal oxygen system and gun ports for bodyguards to return fire. Now common are dispensers for tear gas, oil slicks, tacks and smoke screens; electric-shock door handles; blinding front and rear lights; and remote-activated bomb detection scanners.

Case in point: Alpine vehicles can be modified with an like escape hatch in case “you’re submerged in deep water,” he says. Alpine, for example, installs a high-performance “smart chip” that boosts the engine’s horsepower by 30 percent.

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We design and manufacture a large selection of quality armored vehicles including a broad range of armored cars, (automobiles, sedans, and VIP limousines) in…

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Jan 23, 2021 · Alpine Armoring In general, it takes six to eight weeks to armor typical vehicles like a Mercedes-Benz, Range Rover , Escalade, Tahoe, or Suburban. …

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The Alpine Armoring Navigator is based on the 2019/20 Lincoln Navigator equipped with a 3.5 liter Ford Ecoboost V-6 generating 450 hp, 10 speed automatic transmission and AWD. She’s appointed with a …

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Alpine Armoring Inc. is a multinational corporation, headquartered in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan region, in Virginia, and has been manufacturing high quality armored vehicles for over 20 years. Alpine Armoring has pioneered the engineering and technology of armoring …

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Rent vehicles from Alpine’s collection of exciting, high-end, luxury armored cars, sedans & SUVs from the world’s top luxury brands.

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Alpine Armoring is a certified US based armored vehicle Manufacturer specializing in Designs & Engineering of variety of Armoured Cars, SUVs & Trucks for worldwide clients for over 25 years

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