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What is a DILD? Drew and Ray Romano. We are standing outside of a church. There is a field with grass and acorns everywhere. Instead of talking, I pickup an acorn and throw it to Ray Romano. In mid-air it transforms into a football. We all start laughing.

Ray throws the football back to me, but it is too big for my hands. Looking at the over sized football, I shrink it down and throw it back to him. We play catch for a bit while Dr. Drew talks to Ray Romano. I lose focus and wake up. Drew was doing there, but maybe I should be concerned about the symbolism of a ball changing shapes and sizes with a sex expert watching and advising!

Ray Romano triggered my lucid dream and played catch with me. Drew judging me the whole time. However, what I am trying to demonstrate is that nothing in the dream triggered the lucid dream.

That is to say, I did not have a dream sign or reality check. I simply became lucid. This was my experience for years before I began intentionally lucid dreaming. And, for many naturals, I suspect this is the case for them as well.

The bad news, unless it happens each night, you might have little control over when you become lucid. That can make it difficult if you want to build on a specific talent, skill, or search for something deeper. Apparently I become lucid whenever I see Ray Romano in my dreams. Who knew? Only Two Ways to Lucid Dream This is discussed in Lucid Dream Techniques as well, but the truth is that there are really only 2 ways to become lucid in a dream. It is also worth mentioning that there are positives and negatives of each approach.

Sometimes I fear there is an emphasis on certain techniques over others. One method is not better than the other. They are simply two different paths to reach the same goal. Personally, I experience lucid dreaming using both methods.

For example, if you attempt a WILD and are unsuccessful, you might fall asleep and have a dream where you perform a reality check and become lucid. Building the bridge with various methods makes for a much stronger connection than simply focusing on one technique. Below is a simple DILD. Completely engage with the topic of lucid dreaming. It is important to signal to your mind that lucid dreaming is important and you would like to experience it. Record Your Dreams Each morning wake up and write down your dreams.

Even small fragments are enough in the beginning. Check out this link if you need help remembering your dreams. Set your Intention Go to bed as you normally would. As you begin to get comfortable, set your intention to lucid dream. Truly believe you will become lucid. Allow yourself to imagine yourself becoming aware in your dream.

The emotion is as important as the suggestion Fall Asleep After you have spent some time with your intentions — around 3 or 4 minutes — let yourself fall asleep. As you cycle in and out of dreams, hopefully, your subconscious will trigger a lucid dream spontaneously. Anecdotally, some people are able to spontanesoly become lucid just by reading about lucid dreaming. Although, this is not true for everyone. Personally, this method does not provide long lasting success and is inconsistent.

The good news is that there are many different DILD methods to learn and experiment with. But, here is a list of some great DILD methods to get started:.

DILD: Dream Initiated Lucid Dreaming – Lucid Dream Society

Dream Initiated Lucid Dreaming (DILD) is not one single technique; it is a number of powerful ways that can provoke a lucid dream. They are used by a lot of beginners for creating spontaneous conscious dreams. In in this article we will focus on the most common and easy DILD …Estimated Reading Time: 6 mins


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DILD – Dream Initiated Lucid Dream – How To Guide Be …

Sep 02, 2019 · A DILD or Dream Initiated Lucid Dream is simply becoming lucid while already in a dream. Unlike WILD, where you transition to a lucid dream from a waking state, a DILD is often …


Dream Induced Lucid Dreams (The DILD Method)

DILD lucid dreams are more frequent than contrasting WILDs. In a laboratory study of 76 lucid dreamers, almost three-quarters were dream-initiated, and only one-quarter were wake-initiated. And …


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