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Down Pat

To get or have something down pat is to do something repeatedly until one knows how to do it without a mistake; to perfect an activity. Example: Anne worked on her dance routine until she could practically do it in her sleep.

A pat-down search constitutes a search under the Fourth Amendment. Pat-down searches , incident to an investigatory stops , are usually made without a warrant and justified if the officer has reasonable suspicion that the person being searched is armed and dangerous.

The reasonableness of suspicion is reviewed based on the totality of circumstances and both the subjective individual experience of the officer and the objective factors at the time would be taken into consideration. For instance, in Rogue v. States, Ga. Objects obtained during a pat-down search should be immediately identifiable to be admissible evidence.

If, during a pat-down, the officer feels an object he reasonably suspects may be a weapon by its contour, the officer may reach for the object and remove it.

The officer may also seize the objects during an otherwise legitimate pat-down search if by plain feel he reasonably believes it to be contraband. Under certain circumstances, pat-down search for weapons may be conducted without reasonable suspicion. Searches of persons boarding an airplane or entering a courthouse or other government building are generally permitted so long as the conduct does not exceed the extent necessary.

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Have down pat – definition of have down pat by The Free …

Down Pat

Readily or perfectly as a result of memorization or familiarization: They’ve got the system down pat. He has the lesson pat.

Down pat – Idioms by The Free Dictionary

Down Pat

down pat Learned, mastered, or understood perfectly, to the point of requiring little or no focus to do, recall, or accomplish. Make sure you practice these equations until you have them down pat. I always get my routine down pat so there won’t be any room for error during the performance.

HAVE/KNOW STH DOWN PAT meaning in the Cambridge …

Meaning of have/know sth down pat in English have/know sth down pat US (UK have/know sth off pat) to know something so well that you can say or do it without having to try or think:

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Down Pat achievement in Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night

First equip a single handed sword and go just outside of Johannes place. Go just below the wooden plateform and hit Down, Down-Right, Right +, you should hit both the "morte" and the bat. It …

Off pat, down pat – phrase meaning and origin

Off pat, down pat. Posted by R. Berg on June 06, 2001. In Reply to: Off pat & Off your own bat posted by James Briggs on June 06, 2001: : : Any ideas as to the origins of these?: : The alphabetical meanings-and-origins list on this website explains "on your Pat" as "on your own" (Cockney or Irish rhyming slang: "on your Pat Malone").

Down Pat

Mar 21, 2016 · Down Pat Lost Treasures Beat Tape, released 21 March 2016 1. New School Luv 2. Higher (Hire) Yourself 3. Ear Lotion 4. Can U Imagine 5. Wake And Bake/Ash And Crash 6. Because Of U 7. Speed Of Thought 8. Babey 9. Drama 10. Can’t Eff Wit It 11. Special Tech Neek 12. Beware This is a collection of my work circa 2010-2012.

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