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We are FVT, a small group and personal training studio based in Sacramento, CA. Founded by former pro football player, master trainer, and kettlebell expert Forest Vance in 2009. We specialize in helping people in their mid-to-late 30’s, 40’s, 50’s, and beyond, who want personalized attention to reach their fitness goals in the fastest …

Basically, a test case design or a writing test case itself is an art. Hence, a tester should write the test cases in such a way that, it should be easily understandable by others and also they have to ensure complete or maximum test coverage through their test cases.

Test cases are the ones using which the testers will interact with the application or software to test it. In a broader sense, test cases are the gateway or medium using which an application or software is tested. A better or good test case helps to find the defects lying in the system or software or an application. The underlying principle or main idea behind this technique is to showcase how it can be used to design or write optimal test cases with maximum test coverage.

Introduction to FVT Nowadays, delivering quality software is a major challenge and it cannot be compromised at any cost. Dependency over the software is increasing like anything day by day. At the same time quality, functional correctness and reliability of the software are also becoming a matter of concern.

Can the quality of a software be measured? Yes, testing plays a major role to ensure the quality of a project or application. Which means, test cases are the basis of testing, which in turn would help to find the defects lying in the application or system. This article mainly emphasis on how effectively we can create the test cases using field validation test design technique that too in a short span of time with maximum test coverage.

This, in turn, will add value to the project by identifying all the issues during testing. A technique is a procedure that is used to accomplish specific activity or task. This article describes field validation test design technique which in turn would help to capture the test cases in an effective manner with less or minimal documentation.

This technique is mainly used for all kinds of application wherever there is a field validation required. Generally, each and every field in the application needs to be validated thoroughly to ensure or identify defects which may get unnoticed in the fields. This technique is very much useful in identifying those underlying flaws in the fields.

Sometimes, it may go unnoticed or due to lack of concentration or awareness of the testers some fields in the application may not be completely validated. If they are provided with this FVT then it will easily help them to find out the defects which are present in the fields as well.

Field validation table technique also helps to ensure that, there are no defects present in any field of the application. Role of a Tester As a tester, one has to test each and every corner of an application. From the development or developer perspective the defect identified during field validation could be of a less severity and a less priority one, but its the primary duty and responsibility of a tester to report it.

After all, for a tester defect means the defect, nothing else. As field validations are directly related to usability of the application, in case if something is unidentified during System Testing and if it is found during User Acceptance Testing UAT then straight away the blame goes to the tester who has tested and provided sign off.

An end user or a customer expects user-friendliness of an application along with its functionality. Even a small usability issue or cosmetic issue in the application or software may dissatisfy or irritate them.

So, a tester should give prime importance for testing each and every field in an application. By making use of Field Validation Table, a tester can test each and every field in the application very well.

Implementation of FVT 1 Firstly, the standard or generic table needs to be created for different data types as shown below. This is a one-time activity. Consider all valid and invalid inputs. Data Type.

We are FVT, a small group and personal training studio …

We are FVT, a small group and personal training studio based in Sacramento, CA. Founded by former pro football player, master trainer, and kettlebell expert Forest Vance in 2009. We specialize in helping people in their mid-to-late 30’s, 40’s, 50’s, and beyond, who want personalized attention to reach their fitness goals in the fastest …


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