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Jun 18, 1976 · Directed by Jack Smight. With Charlton Heston, Henry Fonda, James Coburn, Glenn Ford. A dramatization of the battle that was widely heralded as a …6.8/10(17.8K)

Navy from Midway I. Navy patrol squadron VP , [59] spotted the Japanese Occupation Force nautical miles miles; kilometers to the west-southwest of Midway. He mistakenly reported this group as the Main Force. Three hours later, they found Tanaka’s transport group nautical miles miles; 1, kilometers to the west. Although their crews reported hitting four ships, [61] none of the bombs actually hit anything and no significant damage was inflicted. This was the only successful air-launched torpedo attack by the U.

At the same time, he launched his eight search aircraft one from the heavy cruiser Tone launched 30 minutes late. Japanese reconnaissance arrangements were flimsy, with too few aircraft to adequately cover the assigned search areas, laboring under poor weather conditions to the northeast and east of the task force. As Nagumo’s bombers and fighters were taking off, 11 PBYs were leaving Midway to run their search patterns. At , a PBY reported sighting two Japanese carriers and another spotted the inbound airstrike 10 minutes later.

Unescorted bombers headed off to attack the Japanese carriers, their fighter escorts remaining behind to defend Midway. At , Japanese carrier aircraft bombed and heavily damaged the U. Midway-based Marine fighters led by Major Floyd B. Parks , which included six F4Fs and 20 F2As, [64] intercepted the Japanese and suffered heavy losses, though they managed to destroy four B5Ns, as well as a single A6M.

Japanese pilots reported to Nagumo that a second aerial attack on Midway’s defenses would be necessary if troops were to go ashore by 7 June. The main airfield at Guadalcanal was named after him in August During the fly down the length, the B strafed Akagi, killing two men. A Shotai of three Zeros is lined up near the bridge. This was one of several combat air patrols launched during the day.

These comprised two squadrons each of dive bombers and torpedo bombers. The dive bombers were as yet unarmed although this was doctrinal: dive bombers were to be armed on the flight deck. The torpedo bombers were armed with torpedoes should any American warships be located. This was a result of the attacks from Midway, as well as of the morning flight leader’s recommendation of a second strike.

Re-arming had been underway for about 30 minutes when, at , [78] the delayed scout plane from Tone signaled that it had sighted a sizable American naval force to the east, but neglected to describe its composition. Later evidence suggests Nagumo did not receive the sighting report until Another 20—40 minutes elapsed before Tone’s scout finally radioed the presence of a single carrier in the American force. This was one of the carriers from Task Force The other carrier was not sighted.

The returning strike force needed to land promptly or it would have to ditch into the sea. Because of the constant flight deck activity associated with combat air patrol operations during the preceding hour, the Japanese never had an opportunity to position “spot” their reserve planes on the flight deck for launch.

Without confirmation of whether the American force included carriers not received until , Nagumo’s reaction was doctrinaire. In the end, Nagumo decided to wait for his first strike force to land, then launch the reserve, which would by then be properly armed with torpedoes.

Even if Nagumo had not strictly followed carrier doctrine, he could not have prevented the launch of the American attack. Fletcher, in overall command aboard Yorktown, and benefiting from PBY sighting reports from the early morning, ordered Spruance to launch against the Japanese as soon as was practical, while initially holding Yorktown in reserve in case any other Japanese carriers were found.

The carriers had to launch into the wind, so the light southeasterly breeze would require them to steam away from the Japanese at high speed. The first plane took off from Spruance’s carriers Enterprise and Hornet a few minutes after

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