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Object Terror

Object Terror is a Flash-animated web cartoon created by Brian "Legoboynj" Hazen. It is considered one of the many " Object Shows," and the plot is more or less the same as most – A group of objects (21, to be exact) competing to win a prize (which is a cruise ship).

Object Terror [Ep.2] A Diamond Heist [Full Episode …

Feb 15, 2017 · After 3 months of waiting, Object Terror is now on it’s second episode! It is 30 minutes, and not only it’s the longest episode of OT yet, it’s also the best…Author: Legoboynj


Object Terror / Characters – TV Tropes

The host of Object Terror, who has made an appearance in all episodes since his debut in "Parkour Idiocy," the first episode of the second series. Printer has been shown in the third and current series to have a Hair-Trigger Temper, getting angry at plenty of things.


Trowel Object Terror Wiki Fandom

Trowel is labelled The Jerk and is a contestant on Object Terror. He is certified to be attracted to males and in a relationship with Beer as of Kiloto the Minoto (Episode 5, Chapter 2).


Object Terror headcanon part 2 I headcanon Beer also has a brother, Vodka. Out of the three (Beer, Wine and Vodka) Vodka is the most rational. And Vodka is usually the one to break up Beer and Wine’s fights (which happens often, but it’s out of sibling love ᕕ (ᐛ)ᕗ) But yeah Vodka is an innocent bean who should be protected at al…


Object Terror [Ep.5] Kiloto The Minoto [Chapter 1] – YouTube

Object Terror

Apr 08, 2018 · Finally, after almost 8 long months of waiting, OT5 is finally here! Well… Chapter 1 at least. In this episode, the challenge is to hide in the Conotiopia …Author: Legoboynj


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Object Terror is an adult animated series where 21 objects compete for a giant cruise ship. NOTICE: Since the United Community Project will be inevitably approaching us soon, you may like …


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Welcome to the Object Terror Wiki. Hello, and welcome to the Object terror wiki. This is the wiki for your needs on Object terror.


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The Object Terror Movie (AKA Object Terror Movie: Eva’s City Quest) is a Horror-Action Adventure Animated Object Show Movie will released in December 7, 2018.


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