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Don Mamino es una empresa dedicada al rubro de Panadería, Pastelería y Cafetería, ubicadas en la ciudad de Lima. Actualmente cuenta con ocho locales comerciales ubicados estratégicamente.

Is made up of rice that is seasoned and left out in the sun; a process referred to as orear to air. The rice is then mixed with many ingredients. Chicken and beef are also used. Colombian pasteles are wrapped twice, once with a cabbage leaf, and again with a banana leaf. It is often confused with the tamal from the Andean region, which is made up with corn. Traditional plantains are mainly used for making masa with squash and other tubers.

Masa is then placed on a banana leaf and filled with picadillo ground beef , wrapped, tied and boiled or frozen for later use. They can also be filled with cheese, poultry and vegetables. Three pasteles from El Salvador In El Salvador pasteles are a red-tinted cornflour-based dish with a stuffing of either beef or chicken with chopped potatoes and carrots. The stuffing is cooked separately so that the flavors mix. Once the stuffing is cooked, it is put into the molded flour dough, which is made by adding the mixture of boiled water and achiote powder, thus giving the flour the red coloring.

Once the stuffing is in the flour turnover it is fried to a finish. It is usually served with curtido , a lightly fermented cabbage slaw. Over Puerto Ricans migrated to Hawaii at the dawn of the 20th century to work in sugar plantations.

The singular of pasteles, pastel often pronounced patel , has been constructed through back-formation. The usage of the singular can be seen in phrases such as pastele stew, [3] “pot pastele”, and “baked pastele”. It is seasoned with liquid from the meat mixture, milk, and annatto oil. Filling can range from vegetables, poultry, fish, pork and game. Assembling a typical pastel involves a large sheet of parchment paper, a strip of banana leaf that has been heated over an open flame to make it supple, and a little annatto oil on the leaf.

The masa is then placed on banana leaf and stuffed with the meat mixture. The paper is then folded and tied with kitchen string to form packets. Some people use aluminum foil instead of parchment and string. Traditionally added to stuffing was butter, almonds, breadcrumbs and a chili would be tucked on one end of every pastele. Chili is said to be a Taino tradition.

A typical set of ingredients used to make pasteles Once made, pasteles can either be cooked in boiling water, steamed , barbecue smoked or slow grilling , or frozen for later use. Pasteles are accompanied with rice and pigeon peas arroz con gandules , escabeche , roasted pork , and other holiday foods. Pasteles de yuca [6] is one of many recipes in Puerto Rico that are popular around the island and in Latin America. These are also known as “hallacas de yuca” or “yuca empanada”.

The masa is made from cassava but can add other tubers and squash. Broth, milk, coconut milk, butter, annatto oil is added to the masa. They are filled with currants , chickpeas, olives, coconut, capers, seafood, meat or poultry.

Another variety is pasteles de arroz where the “masa” is actually composed of partly cooked seasoned rice which is fully cooked as the pastel boils. Related to alcapurria , tamale , hallacas , and guanimes , pasteles are believed[ by whom? The masa was then filled with beans, chilies, corn, nuts, meat lizards, frogs or birds , fish and wrapped in corn husk.

The origins of pasteles, however, can be traced back several centuries to Spanish colonial times, before they became an essential Puerto Rican Christmas dish. Trinidad and Tobago[ edit ] Pastelles steamed Pastelle opened Trinidadian pastelles are small meat-filled cornmeal pies stuffed with meat, fish or vegetables seasoned with fresh herbs and flavoured with raisins, olives and capers wrapped and steamed in a banana leaf.

They are traditionally prepared and eaten during the Christmas season. It is believed that they were introduced by Spanish colonizers who ruled between the late 15th and early 18th centuries. The origins of pastelles are unclear. One view is that Spanish colonists who settled in the region made them as a substitute for one of their favourite delicacies — empanada gallega.

Another view is that the dish, because it uses corn and is wrapped in banana leaves, is a derivative of the mesoamerican tamale. A sweet version is called paime and is also a Christmas dish. It contains no filling, but the dough itself contains ground coconut and raisins.

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Pasteles (Spanish pronunciation: ; singular pastel), also known as pastelles in the English-speaking Caribbean, are a traditional dish in several Latin American and Caribbean countries. In Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, Trinidad and Tobago, the Caribbean coast of Colombia, and Panama, it looks like a tamale.In Central American cuisine, it more closely resembles a British pasty or an …

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