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Apr 08, 2009 · Hi Tom Ms Google has many more hits for the correct version ("for quite some time now"). To my way of thinking, the relatively large number of hits for the incorrect version ("for quite sometime now") simply verifies what Nona said — people tend to get confused about whether it should be one word or two.

Sometime vs. If you are describing the time at which something happened, or how long it will be before something will happen, it is important to be specific. However, there are times when you do not have enough information to be specific. Luckily, English has words and phrases perfectly suited to this lack of certainty.

Two of them, sometime and some time, are adverbs that many writers get confused. After you read this article, though, you will know which one is which, and what they mean. In this article, I will compare some time vs sometime. I will include sentence examples for each word to illustrate its proper meaning and use. Plus, I will reveal a memory tool you can use to help you decide whether you mean sometime or some time. When to Use Sometime What does sometime mean?

Sometime is an adverb. It refers to an unspecified point in the past or future. THE headline scrolled through the corner of my computer screen sometime after 10 on Friday night. Fidel Castro had died. Sometime should not be confused with sometimes, an adjective meaning often, but not always. For example Sometimes, Beth looks like Audrey Hepburn.

When to Use Some Time What does some time mean? Some time is an adverb phrase that means quite a while. The sentences below demonstrate its proper use. Some time ago, Stanley baked the biggest wedding cake anyone had ever seen. It will be some time before the children will not be too scared to play in the hollow. It had been some time since anyone had cleaned out the sink. In these instances, some is an adjective referring to an unspecified quantity, and time is a noun, referring to what a clock reads.

Here is an example: The teacher gave his pupils some time to read the passage. Phrases That Use Sometime, Some Time Here are a few popular phrases using these words and how they should appear in writing. Call me sometime: call me at an indefinite future time. Call me sometime. Some time ago: quite a while ago. It was some time ago. Trick to Remember the Difference Sometime and some time can both be adverbs, but only sometime is also an adjective.

Thus, if you are using the word as an adjective, sometime is the only choice. You can easily see the difference between these two words by contrasting their two senses in sentences otherwise identical. Greg did not reach out until sometime later.

In this sentence, the exact time when Greg reached out is unknown. Greg did not reach out until some time later. In this sentence, Greg waited a while before reaching out. It is easy to remember that some time means a while since both of those phrases contain two words. Summary Is it sometime or some time? It is easy to confuse sometime and some time. They can both function as adverbs, and even though they are only differentiated by being spelled as one word or two, they are not interchangeable.

Sometime means at an unspecified time. Some time means quite a while. You can remember that some time means a while since these phrases both comprise two separate words. If you find yourself in need of additional help, you can always check this article for a quick refresher.

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Definition of for (quite) some time : for a somewhat long time She has been living there for (quite) some time.


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Quite some time — Find potential answers to this crossword clue at crosswordnexus.com


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Quite some time – crossword puzzle clue Clue: Quite some time Quite some time is a crossword puzzle clue that we have spotted over 20 times. There are related clues (shown below).


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Quite Some Time

quite some (something) Used to signify something very significant, exemplary, or impressive. That’s quite some car you’ve got there—how fast does that baby get up to on the highways? Working on this cattle ranch is quite some change from sitting behind a desk for 8 hours a day. Thank you so much for having me over for dinner, this is quite some feast …


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1 An extended period of time 2 A period of time long enough to allow a good bit of uncertainty 3 A year or more "It has been quite some time since last years product introduction"


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The two-word some time usually means quite a while—for example:. It had been some time since Rebecca and her husband, Scott, had attended a church. [Utica Observer Dispatch]It also works where some is an adjective referring to time—for example: I’ve been spending some time thinking about income inequality for a piece I’m writing.


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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English quite a/some time quite a/some time especially British English a fairly long time We’ve been waiting for quite some time now. → quite Examples from the Corpus quite a/some time • He found out we had been pulling the wool over his eyes for quite some time. • If the skin and gills are kept moist they can remain out of water for quite some time.


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