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View all articles by Adam Sternberg Two years ago I wrote a blog about the street performers cropping up in Las Vegas in droves. But what is the real scoop with these people? Are they really as aggressive for tips as the media makes them out to be?

Are these people really just homeless people in costume? I decided to hit the streets and find out once and for all for myself. Of course, in doing so, I had to bring my camera and I also decided to recruit one of the best street performers I knew, professional model, writer, and raconteur, Sarah Jane Woodall, to help me out.

Sarah and I have a long history of working together on different photography projects and whenever I need a model for some off-the-wall shoot, she is the first person I call. Every Photographic Cliche rolled into one photo. Here Sarah Jane Woodall poses topless with electrical tape pasties on railroad tracks while wearing a cowboy hat, mermaid outfit, angel wings, and a gas mask while holding a machine gun and American flag while posing with an electric guitar and draped with Caution tape…the whole enchilada!

Sarah is one of the busiest models I have ever met where her repertoire of work involves everything from fetish modeling to wearing mascot costumes at any one of a variety of different conventions or events here in Las Vegas.

Yes, a world famous fetish model is in there somewhere! Not long. How did you get your start as a Las Vegas Street Performer? The best case scenario is I go out on the Strip, act goofy for a night, have some fun, and make some money, so here I am!

Since you brought it up, do you mind answering how much money do you actually make doing this? There is a lot of debate about how much the different performers out here earn. A few single dollar bills in her costume tends to drop the hint that she works for tips. You can walk around and kind of tell for yourself. Some of the characters out here make sense. Some of the Avengers characters look awesome! But you have to ham it up a little. Just standing around doing nothing will not make you any money regardless of how great your costume is.

Because of their fun nature, they tend to have lots of picture requests. Here, Woody stands alone, never approaches tourists, and looks a bit out of place for Sin City. I stood at this location for 10 minutes and never watched one person approach him. Here is proof that a good costume does not make for a successful street performer in Las Vegas.

Absolutely, but I also have a lot of fun doing it too. As soon as I burn out a bit, I just stop coming. So even in high-heels and a showgirl headpiece I still have a blast.

I like to find an area to hang out that has music playing so I can dance a bit and have some fun. I still have to be outgoing, deal with everyone from families to drunks and be outgoing to a point where people want to pay to have their photo taken with me and I have to do it on a street in stripper shoes. Physically, that gets a bit tiring after a while even if you are in really good shape.

What would a trip be to Las Vegas without getting a picture with a marijuana showgirl? Even getting your picture taken draws looks from others!

Speaking of drunks, do you have to deal with many of them? How do you handle them? I think my background in nude modeling certainly helps with that. They are kind of like the zombies who come out after dark. Some of them certainly can be a bit grabbier than others but I usually get tipped better by those guys so I guess it evens itself out.

Walking down the Strip with Sarah for just one hour allowed me to witness, first-hand, everything we just finished talking about. I saw people in cars cruising the Strip shout at her to get her photo. At least he was a good tipper though! Unlike Sarah Jane, who made her costume, Kalliann actually leases hers as I discovered in a conversation with her: Your costume is absolutely amazing. A costume like this would have cost a fortune to have made and it requires maintenance too.

I actually pay a small fee to the costume designer who made it for me to use every night. At the end of the week, I drop off the costume to her so I can have it cleaned and touched up for me to use the next weekend. The other major hang-out for street performers in Las Vegas is downtown on Fremont Street. Last night I ran into these guys performing on the east side of Fremont Street. I can assure you, in all my years of living in Las Vegas, I have heard much worse than these two in major casinos around town.

As a two man act these guys had an amazing sound that my Samsung Galaxy S3 does not do justice. They got a fiver from me! Some are musicians, jugglers, magicians, and this guy who makes very cool balloon animals and objects.

Now, of course, standing on a street in a costume means you are in a public place and anyone has the legal right to photograph you for free and without your permission. Many of us put a lot of work into coming out here and this really is a type of performance doing what we do. None of us really just stand there for a picture, we really get into character. Deep down, we are all entertainers out here! His costume and makeup were really well done! This street performer looks like he ate all of them!

As I was attempting to get some photos of a contortionist group performing, I was approached by a very pleasant Marilyn Monroe lookalike. The air blows my skirt up and it makes for an awesome Marilyn Monroe photo! I told her that I really liked her pleasant approach, which was very refreshing to see as opposed to some of the performers who sometimes just stand around waiting for people to approach them.

I had a very interesting and brief conversation with her while walking up the Fremont Street Experience. Twice, we were interrupted by people wanting to take photos of her which was great! Those are the people who sneak up behind you to grab a quick photo and run away. As a Vegas native myself, I used to have mixed feelings about the street performers in Las Vegas. They are here, because people want them here. Say whatever you want about the street performers in Las Vegas, but love them or hate them, they are here to stay.

The serious ones will continue to come out and the weaker performers will fall by the waste side. Whatever the outcome is, you have to admit that having your photo taken with a dancing guy in a bikini, a pound drummer for Kiss, a gaggle of super heroes, or even a pot-smoking showgirl is just plain fun! Sarah finishes her long night as a Las Vegas showgirl and street performer.

Special thanks to Sarah Jane Woodall for her contributions to this blog both in photos and editorial contributions. If you are ever looking to hire Sarah for any corporate event, she should be at the top of your list as her costumes and level of professionalism and entertainment value are second to none!

Please be sure to read her blog at wonderhussy.

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Sarah Jane Woodall, Actress: Astro Zombies: M3 – Cloned. Sarah Jane Woodall was born on September 22, 1976 in San Jose, California, USA. She is known for her work on Astro Zombies: M3 – Cloned (2010), Thanatopolis (2009) and Jeopardy! (1984).Author: Sarah Jane Woodall

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206 Followers, 417778 Photo Views. See Wonderhussy Woodall’s (Wonderhussy) photos on 500px.

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