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He’s used his platform to claim other creators like PokeTips and PimpNite have stolen his content or used cheating software. Thumbnail from the Change. Org petition asking for Verlisify’s ban Change. Verlisify has blocked people on Twitter for correcting him , asking him questions and for asking why he blocks people he disagrees with.

It’s unclear what exactly got the “Verliswolf” Twitter account banned since all of his tweets have been scrubbed from the site. The Verlisify YouTube channel is full of clickbait thumbnails and claims of new information that don’t exist. There are multiple videos about a Sinnoh remake on the way that are purely speculation because there hasn’t been any information released on the project. They could just be randomly placed there, but that wouldn’t make for a good video.

A whole Twitter account has been created just to fact check Verlis and his videos. Plus everything else there. It’s not evidence. Not everything is a hint. Since his peak, the Verlisify channel has stabilized around five million views a month but it’s bleeding subscribers.

In October of , the channel lost appx. Drama might pull in views, but it also gives the community a negative impression of you. Newsweek will update this story when Verlisify inevitably posts a video about the Twitter ban.

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Shofu. 16,739 likes · 2 talking about this.

Shofu vs Verlisify $1000 money match : smashbros

348 votes, 261 comments. Verlisify challenged Shofu to a $1000 money match in Smash Ultimate in December. Here is the Twitter exchange: . Both of …

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Dec 27, 2020 · shofu is a Smash 4 Fox main from London, United Kingdom who is currently residing in Delaware. He is known for playing at the weekly MD/VA tournament Smash @ Xanadu. He has performed well at Xanadu, having beaten good players such as Poyo, Snow, Feel Tension and Vex Kasrani and also upset Master Raven, one of the best Sheik players in Florida at CEO 2016 where he …

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Olubunmi B Shofu, age 53, Saint Leonard, MD 20685 Background Check Known Locations: Van Nuys CA 91401, Bowie MD 20716 Possible Relatives: Adebisi A Shofu, Adeton Shofu

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Sup guys, I’m shofu. I play whatever I want.Be sure to Subscribe and check back often for new videos!

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