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Sonoma Clean Power

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Sonoma Clean Power: From startup to profit in two years

Sonoma Clean Power has a duty to invest in the local green energy economy, many said. “I was a big supporter and big campaigner for Sonoma Clean Power because of the local jobs aspect.

Sonoma Clean Power 2019

Sonoma County has proven to be a national trailblazer in public policy issues and innovations involving climate change, sustainable environmental practices and energy conservation. Perhaps the local governments’ most significant accomplishment has been the advent of Sonoma Clean Power, a com…

PG&E – SCP Joint Rate Comparisons – Gas and power …

As a part of our mutual commitment to support your energy choice, Sonoma Clean Power (SCP) and PG&E have partnered to create a comparison of our typical electric rates, average monthly charges and generation portfolio contents. Below you will find a representative comparison of our rates, average monthly bills and

Sonoma Clean Power, 50 Santa Rosa Avenue, 5th Floor, Santa …

Sonoma Clean Power (SCP) is the public electricity provider for Sonoma and Mendocino Counties. Our services and customer programs are practical, affordable, and inclusive, empowering everyone to be part of the transition toward a clean energy future.

What is Sonoma Clean Power? – City of Sonoma

Sonoma Clean Power

Sonoma Clean Power (SCP) is a community-owned electricity provider for Sonoma County. SCP sources renewable and local low-carbon electricity at competitive rates and PG&E delivers it through its existing utility lines. PG&E continues to do billing, maintain the power lines, and handle new service requests and emergencies.

Sonoma Clean Power becomes county’s dominant energy supplier

Sonoma Clean Power, the year-old public agency, is rolling out service Monday to three additional cities and in doing so is set to become the main electricity supplier within Sonoma County …

Bohemian Sonoma Clean Power: Good or Bad for the …

Sonoma Clean Power

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Sonoma Clean Power, utilities face battle over energy costs

May 14, 2017 · Sonoma Clean Power customers still get billed from PG&E, with various added fees tacked on to the rates for the CCA program’s power. The …

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