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Edmund Burke Traditionalist conservatism began with the thought of Anglo-Irish Whig statesman and philosopher Edmund Burke , whose political principles were rooted in moral natural law and the Western tradition.

Burke believed in prescriptive rights and that those rights were “God-given”. He defended what he referred to as “ordered liberty” best reflected in the unwritten law of the British constitutional monarchy. He also advocated for those transcendent values that found support in such institutions as the church, the family and the state.

In Reflections, Burke called for the constitutional enactment of specific, concrete rights and warned that abstract rights could be easily abused to justify tyranny.

American social critic and historian Russell Kirk wrote: “The Reflections burns with all the wrath and anguish of a prophet who saw the traditions of Christendom and the fabric of civil society dissolving before his eyes”. According to traditionalist scholar Peter Viereck, Coleridge and his associate and fellow poet William Wordsworth began as supporters of the French Revolution and the radical utopianism it spawned.

However, by their collection of poems, Lyrical Ballads, had rejected the Enlightenment thesis of reason over faith and tradition. Coleridge’s later writings, including Lay Sermons , Biographia Literaria and Aids to Reflection , justified traditional conservative positions on hierarchy and organic society, criticism of materialism and the merchant class and the need for “inner growth” that is rooted in a traditional and religious culture.

Coleridge was a firm believer in social institutions and a harsh critic of Jeremy Bentham and his utilitarian philosophy. According to Carlyle, the “cash nexus” was when social relationships were merely reduced to economic gain.

A champion of the poor, Carlyle believed that the fabric of British society was being threatened by mobs, plutocrats, socialists and others who wanted to exploit them and perpetuate class resentment. Led by John Keble , Edward Pusey and John Henry Newman , the Tractarians so called for the publication of their Tracts for the Times condemned religious liberalism while defending “dogma, ritual, poetry, [and] tradition”.

Like Coleridge and Carlyle, Newman who became a Roman Catholic in and eventually a Cardinal in the Church and the Tractarians were critical of material progress, or the notion that wealth, prosperity and economic gain were the sum of human existence. Matthew Arnold , a poet and cultural critic, is best known for his poetry and literary, social and religious criticism. His book Culture and Anarchy took on the middle-class Victorian values of the day Arnold viewed middle class tastes in literature as ” philistinism ” and argued for a return to the classical literature of the past.

Arnold also viewed with skepticism the plutocratic grasping in socioeconomic affairs which Coleridge, Carlyle and the Oxford Movement criticized. He ridiculed William Ewart Gladstone and Liberal efforts to disestablish the Anglican Church in Ireland, establish a Catholic university there, permit burial services to dissenters in Church of England cemeteries, demand temperance, and ignore the need to improve the middle class members rather than impose their unreasonable beliefs on society.

Liberal education was essential, and by that Arnold meant a close reading and attachment to the cultural classics, coupled with critical reflection. He was appalled at the shamelessness of the sensationalistic new journalism of the sort he witnessed on his tour the United States in He prophesied, “if one were searching for the best means to efface and kill in a whole nation the discipline of self-respect, the feeling for what is elevated, he could do no better than take the American newspapers.

Carrying on in this tradition was cultural and artistic critic John Ruskin , a medievalist who called himself a “Christian socialist” and cared much for standards in culture, the arts and society. For Ruskin as with all the 19th-century cultural conservatives , the Industrial Revolution had fomented dislocation, rootlessness and the mass urbanization of the poor.

In his art criticism, he wrote The Stones of Venice — , which took on the Classical tradition while defending Gothic art and architecture. Disraeli in his younger years was an opponent of middle class capitalism and the industrial policies that were promoted by the “Manchester liberals” the Reform Bill and the Corn Laws. Seeking a way to alleviate the suffering of the urban poor in the wake of the Industrial Revolution, Disraeli sought out to unify the nation by way of ” one-nation conservatism “, where a coalition of aristocrats and the common working man would unite to stave off the influences of the liberal middle class.

This new coalition would serve as a way to work with the enfranchised masses while grounding them in “ancient conservative traditions”. Disraeli’s ideas including his criticism of utilitarianism found fruit in the “Young England” movement and in writings such as Vindication of the English Constitution , The Radical Tory and his “social novels” Coningsby and Sybil Hilaire Belloc in In the early 20th century, traditionalist conservatism found its defenders through the efforts of Hilaire Belloc , G.

Chesterton and other proponents of the socioeconomic system they advocated: distributism. Originating in the papal encyclical Rerum novarum , distributism employed the concept of subsidiarity as a “third way” solution to the twin evils of socialism and capitalism.

It favors local economies, small business, the agrarian way of life and craftsmen and artists. In such books as Belloc’s The Servile State , Economics for Helen and An Essay on the Restoration of Property and Chesterton’s The Outline of Sanity , traditional communities that echoed those found in the Middle Ages were advocated and big business and big government condemned. Schumacher and were comparable to the work of Wilhelm Roepke. Eliot was a champion of the Western tradition and orthodox Christian culture.

Eliot was a political reactionary who used modernist literary means for traditionalist ends. Chesterton and Hilaire Belloc. Central to his work was the idea that religion was at the heart of every culture, especially Western culture and his writings, including The Age of Gods , Religion and Culture and Religion and the Rise of Western Culture , reflected this view.

A contributor to Eliot’s Criterion , Dawson believed that after World War II, religion and culture were central to rebuilding the West in the wake of fascism and the rise of communism.

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Aug 31, 2015 · In the views of MRAs and others who bash “TradCons,” their number one enemy isn’t Jessica Valenti, Amanda Marcotte, Gloria Steinem or any of the numerous feminists who’ve had an active role in shaping public thought and anti-male government policies, but Phyllis Schlafly.

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tradcon. Definition from Wiktionary, the free dictionary. Jump to navigation Jump to search. English . English Wikipedia has an article on: tradcon. Wikipedia . Noun . tradcon (plural tradcons) A person of traditionalist conservative politics. Coordinate terms . neocon;

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TradCon The “Traditional Conservative” is an individual (or group) that advocates on behalf of cultural values and sex roles that previously existed and may have once worked. Traditionalists believe that tradition and custom guide man and his worldview.


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